me lov roblos
ok nvm, i love kasumi uwu

yes i mean this kasumi

rest in peace

ΣX 5 ÐiGłƬ
ik its cringe ok nvm im having fun editing this, and ofcourse 5 digit in mania, me bad at std (6digit)


Not LN player
Not JS player
Not Vibro player
Not SV player
Not Acc player
Not- oh wait nvm im gonna take the acc player one
(and btw im only have 1 monitor so fuck for those who are syirik into me)

[美化] wvy

(aka shuvi dayo~)





wvy is a Datenshi Player from Indonesia.
They signed up on Datenshi .
Last seen: .
They play with Leap motion.

True Eye of the Evil King

No. 1 Smile Protector
Global rank #27
Country rank   #26
PP 12,811
Ranked score 996,780
Total score 421,601,937
Playcount 1,346
Maximum Combo 5,470
Followers 2
Replays watched 4
Total hits 280,211
Accuracy 99.41%
Level 40