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[EVENT] Healing with Datenshi #5
For Producer-chama
Rank Request Criteria
  • Make sure the mapper seemed to abandoning it, or at least ask their consent first!
  • There are lists of bad/banned mappers that does not deserve rankings in here.
  • Mostly rank/love/unrank on my own accord
  • Standard Criteria
    • shitty short-combo long-jump memes are banned, and may not eligible for rank or even love.
  • Taiko Criteria
    • shitty low difficulties are banned and may degrade the beatmap ranked status in here.
  • CatchTheBeat criteria
    • fun.
    • challenging.
    • Accepts gimmicks, following she's purity standard.
  • Mania criteria
    • Have no clear criteria, only checks known (memes).
  • Shitposting map are acceptable
  • Song memes are somehow acceptable to certain extend.
  • I have limited song taste.
Unrank/Unlove Request
  • I only say that being Loved is temporary leaderboard thing, I could wipe all of it, if you want.
  • For deranking a datenshi ranked map, let's say give a proper reason to unrank it. Wiping from rank means more than loved so yeah.
  • For deranking a bancho ranked map, don't worry, I'm on this service.

Sakurai Momoka

(aka Rei_Fan49)





Sakurai Momoka is a Datenshi Owner from Indonesia.
They signed up on Datenshi .
Last seen: .
They play with Spoon, Dick, Eggplant.


True Eye of the Evil King

Global rank #587
Country rank   #395
PP 114
Ranked score 5,539,129
Total score 19,024,694
Playcount 86
Maximum Combo 968
Followers 4
Replays watched 2
Total hits 6,634
Accuracy 90.07%
Level 14