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Datenshi Performance Points Limiter

Hello! This is a guide for those who got a message from our Bot in-game. We are introducing to the public our very own unique pp limiter, this limiter’s purpose is mostly to prevent an abuser/cheater to gain more pp, additional note that if you get messaged you are not in banned/restricted state. You are however not allowed to gain pp anymore, meaning if you play another beatmap you will get 0pp as a result in the end of the beatmap.

Limitation Details

These limits also applied in Relax & Vanilla.

  • Total PP
    • 5,000pp (osu!standard)
    • 8,888pp (osu!taiko)
    • 8,888pp (osu!catch)
    • 9,999pp (osu!mania)
  • Per Score/Individual PP
    • Not so disclosed value.

* PP limit may change in the future without any notice depending on the staff’s discretion.

How can I remove the limiter?

  1. You need to join our Discord server
  2. Link your Datenshi account with your Discord account by using our Bot. If you’re already linked, you can skip this step.
  3. Go to text-channel #osu-support in the Discord server, press the osu! ticket button to open a new ticket, and wait until the bot generate new private channel.
  4. Post your limitation screenshot in the channel with your profile link and mention (one of) our Moderators or Community Manager for a whitelist inquiry. Any inquiries done outside the text-channel will be ignored.

Things to note

  • Devs may respond as well, but please do not ping either of them directly.
  • Don’t contact our staff by DM’s. Use the given channel for it. ehu




  • Q: What if I don’t use Discord?
  • A: We will not approve any other kind of inquiries other than from Discord, you should make a Discord account ehu. Otherwise you won’t be whitelisted and still won’t be able to gain more PPs.