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Datenshi Liveplay Criteria

Please read this till the end!!!

Because Datenshi isn’t fully capable of identifying suspicious players. We, who rely on reports from several players to be able to identify suspicious players have certain conditions that must be followed by suspected players. Players who wants to get ‘Verified Tenshi’ can also follow these conditions.

These conditions must be met if you want to get the Verified Tenshi role. Players who have been banned/restricted in Datenshi also must follow these conditions to prove that you really didn’t use illegal/co-op programs alike so you can get out of banned/restricted status, but you won’t be able to get a role.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Q : What if my camera is blurry or dimly lit?
  • A : Make sure you have a suitable device and adjust it respectably to record.

  • Q : Why are the conditions so complicated?
  • A : To ensure that we see concrete evidence that the player is not using any illegal programs and play on their own capabilities.

  • Q : What about the ‘Verified Tenshi’ role?
  • A : This is only optional, Either you have it or not, you will still be given a profile badge and a Discord role.

  • Q : Are our liveplay public?
  • A : As long as our staff can access the video, you dont have to share it publicly.

  • Q : How will i know i’m verified?
  • A : It will be mentioned via Discord or you can check your profile if there is a Verified Tenshi badge.

Form Submissions Rules

  1. Your account must be atleast 1 week old.
  2. Give a clear answer for each question.
  3. No spamming, make sure you follow the procedure below carefully.

Liveplay Procedure Rules

Before recording, make sure of these things because they are very important.

  • Make sure the camera for recording is very clear and has good lighting.
  • Make sure the camera is set so that the view for input devices such as pen / tablet / mouse / keyboard can be seen clearly.
  • Liveplay videos may not be edited in any form (Adding music etc.).
  • Must follow all the sequence below correctly!

Recording sessions must follow this order:

  • Turn on your PC.
  • Open your Task Manager (No programs should be opened, except for core applications such as clients, drivers and anti-virus)
  • Open osu on datenshi server.
  • Play 3 maps live (Must be in your skill/pp level).

Submit your recordings via Youtube / Facebook in this order:

  • Upload it on Youtube / Facebook with a description containing VERIFIED DATENSHI 'USERNAME'.
  • Set your video privacy to ‘Unlisted’ when uploading it on Youtube if you don’t want your video to be seen by others . If you use Facebook, please upload it via Datenshi Facebook Group
  • Please copy your video link that you have uploaded to the submissions form below.

(Liveplay submissions will be considered invalid if you fail to comply with the requirements above)