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Beatmap Rules (English)

#FAQ A few question that are frequently asked

  • Q: My map hasn’t been ranked but it follows the criteria?
  • A: There’s a chance that your map doesn’t get detected by the system, you can re-request again in the discord channel ‘#beatmap-requests` Only for Donators

  • Q: Why isn’t my map submitted?

  • A: That can happen when : The beatmap is new, wrong beatmap link, or the beatmap database retrieval system from Datenshi to official osu! has not been updated

  • Q: How long does it take for my map to be ranked?

  • A: Depending on the Beatmap Nominator themselves, BN’s need time to review and sort out beatmaps that follow the criteria

  • Q: How many maps can I request at this time?
  • A: For now the maximum request is 4 (This might change from time to time)


Before requesting, make sure your unranked map you are submitting are :

  • In Graveyard, at least 1 month to avoid the map getting updated by the mapper (abandoned map)
  • Metadata that soothe the eyes. For example Diao Ye Zong feat. is bad, please avoid it.



  1. The map must be playable and still follow Bancho’s Ranking Criteria. If not, it is likely to be loved.
  2. Longstream maps that are easy to abuse is more likely to be loved. (Because the majority of relax players can use the DT mod to get PP)
  3. Overlapped objects, 2B maps, Storyboard based maps (Maps that require the storyboard to be turned on to be played) will be loved.
  4. Near impossible maps (Galaxy Collapse, etc.) that players can pass will be ranked.
  5. A marathon map with a duration of more than 40 minutes (or those that hit the std score limit) will be loved. (Example: Songs Compilation by Nevo with 54 minutes)
  6. Abusive PP Maps (Maps that contain only 1-2 patterns, stacking longstream high bpm (relax)) are likely to be loved.

All maps are likely to be ranked unless there are features mentioned in the rules above.

Catch The Beat


  1. PLAYABLE, This one is a must, what it meant by playable is that it can atleast be played by a casual players (Players with average abilities and doesn’t pursue skills / basically they play just to have fun)
  2. Less unecessary overstream note where the notes accumulate on a single stream, This will be manually checked.
  3. Unique & Variative patterns, Not too monotonous but this is optional, we can still reconsider it.
  4. METADATA like OD AR HP will be judged accordingly.


  1. Unique Patterns is a big plus.
  2. Playable Monotone and interesting patterns (Nothing wrong with being motonous, atleast the pattern is interesting and will be pleasant to play)
  3. METADATA Is not gonna be a problem here as long as it doesn’t interfere with gameplay.
  4. puritit. (Single-chunked note that can cause Auto-death will be thrown here)


  • Can be judged with the rules (SR will be weighted too)
  • Denying any unplayable maps unless someone can pass it (Categorized as LOVED)
  • Training map pack will be categorized as LOVED, same rule apply with osu!mania.
  • Because the CTB RC is a little more flexible than the official one, charts with a Length under 5 minutes even though there are only less than 2 difficulties which are rankable, will be able to be approved if it follows the written rules above.
  • Old pattern (ex. Deif maps under 2014) can be reconsidered to be ranked too.



  1. Playable. This is a must, If its not playable then it will be thrown to loved.
  2. Less 14+16, 16+18 patterns, don’t have too many types of patterns like this if the map wants to be ranked, but it can be loved instead.
  3. Longstream is fine, but stable, If the 14 or 16 longstream is stable, it doesn’t matter, if for example 14 + 16 is still allowed as long as the 16 pattern is at the end of the stream, for 16 in the middle of the stream and continued with a 14 stream, it will be loved.
  4. Endurance map, if the map contains a longstream and no breaks at all or more than 2 minutes of length and / or the stamina map with high bpm will be loved too. For the stamina map but bpm under 250 can still be reconsidered.
  5. Mapset with speed rate difficulties is preferred to be loved.
  6. Doublet spam will be loved.
  7. Pattern with random slider appear or a Pattern inside the slider will be loved.
  8. Spinner Spamming, If its too spammed it will unnecessarily decrease your gauge. Loved.
  9. Invisible Pattern, This type of pattern usually requires Storyboard like Aspire type maps. Loved. Note: If it is like GOVERNMENT KNOWS, it will be - unranked by default for certain reasons.
  10. Metadata, This will be considered if the maps will be ranked or not.
  11. Trash patterns on low difficulty will not be accepted. The use of a finisher on low difficulty should be paid close attention.



  1. Vibro is Strictly prohibited.
  2. Playable pattern. What it meant by playable is a pattern that is clearly playable and in accordance with the Official RC.
  3. Map Pack (Endurance, Dan, Courses) = Loved. Because it is in accordance with the title or the rule, namely training packs are maps made with the aim of sharpening skills, not to be played properly like other maps.
  4. For rate up/speed up difficulties will be loved since it contains the same patterns as the original one.
  5. Storyboard maps will be loved since it has the potential for players to cheat with dual screen.
  6. SV maps that can’t be sightread will be loved since it has the potential to cheat for players with dual screen.


  1. For 4K maps that have a SR>4 required a minimum of HP7 and OD7.
  2. No SR manipulation is allowed (Difficulty spike) for all maps that have a SR>5


  1. For 4K maps that have a SR>8 will be pending or loved.
  2. For 4K LN maps that have a SR>5 required a minimum of HP7 and OD0. If it have a SR>6 with the mod DT/NC for “Easy” maps, it will not be ranked


  1. For 7K maps that have a SR>5 required a minimum of HP7 and OD7.
  2. No SR manipulation is allowed (Difficulty spike) for all maps that have a SR>6


  1. For 7K maps that have a SR>10 will be pending or loved.
  2. For 7K LN maps that have a SR>6 required a minimum of HP7 and OD0. If it have a SR>9 with the mod DT/NC for “Easy” maps, it will not be ranked


  1. Whether or not a pattern is good or not is a subjective matter, so please understand. Even though the map with the SR of 7 is said to be playable for some people, maybe not for some people. Except VIBRO
  2. What is meant by “Easy” is manipulating a spammable pattern to get higher SR.
  3. These LN rules can be changed at any time.