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Yohane Commands

These are the commands for the Yohane bot.

Yohane In-Game

General commands

  • !roll [number] - Rolls a random number
  • !help - Shows a list of all commands
  • !subscribe pp [options] - Notifies about the pp status such as limit after submitting a score. (options: set, get, unset, toggle)
  • !boardshow [options] - [Experimental] Hide yourself from the leaderboard (options: others, normal)
  • !report - If you encounter any player breaking the rules, use this command to notify our staff.
  • !faq list - Returns a list of things that are often needed in chat.

Multiplayer commands

  • !mp help - Shows a list of all multiplayer commands.
  • !mp make [name] - Creates a multiplayer room.
  • !mp close - Closes the current multiplayer room.
  • !mp checkperm - Displays your permission level for the current room.
  • !mp listref - Displays a list of referees in the room.
  • !mp addref <username> - Adds user as a referee in the room.
  • !mp rmref <username> - Removes user as referee in the room.
  • !mp start [timer] - Automatically sets all players to “ready” and starts the game after a timeout (Default: 0). Can be used to play solo in a multiplayer room.
  • !mp abort - Aborts the game. This is different from using the Escape-key in solo

Note: For every operation that uses the Username Lookup, you can use #<UserID> instead.

Admin commands

  • !system restart - Restart the server. Everyone will be disconnected and reconnected automatically

  • !system status - Show server status

  • !system reload - Reload bancho settings (the one that are editable from DAP)

  • !system maintenance on/off - Turn on/off bancho maintenance mode

  • !moderated on/off - Turn on/off moderated mode for the current channel

  • !silence <username> <count> <unit (s/m/h/d)> <reason> - Silence a user

  • !removesilence <target> - Remove target’s silence

  • !kick <username> - Kick an user from the server

  • !ban <username> - Ban and kick someone

  • !unban <username> - Unban someone

  • !restrict <username> - Restrict someone

  • !unrestrict <username> - Unrestrict someone

  • !bot reconnect - Reconnect YohaneBOT in case she’s not listed online anymore

  • !alert <message> - Send a notification to every user connected to bancho

  • !alertuser <username> <message> - Send a notification to a specific user

  • !whitelist <username> <mode> <type> [procedure] - Adds user to the PP limit whitelist.

    Parameter Value Function
    mode vanilla, relax Specifies the game mode for the whitelist
    type total, all Specifies the type of limit for the whitelist
    procedure add, set Optional
    Specifies the operation of changing the PP value for the whitelist
  • !map <command> <type> <ID> - Performs operations on a map(set)

    Parameter Value Function
    command rank, love, unrank, reset Directly changes the status of the map.
    command* auto-rank, auto-love, auto-cancel Can only be set by someone permitted to manage autoranks
    Sets the eligibility of a map to get auto-rank.
    type set, set-of, map set - uses mapset ID to retrieve data.
    set-of - uses map ID to get a list of maps with the mapset ID from the given map ID.
    map - uses map ID to retrive data.

    For more details, you may take a look at this example.


If you’re using commands through Yohane’s private message, you don’t need to use the “!”-prefix. - Outside of that, you need to use the “!”-prefix to invoke Yohane’s commands.

YohaneBot Discord

  • @faq help - Shows all commands
  • @stats [options] [mode] - Displays profile status (options: vanilla, relax) (mode: std, taiko, mania, ctb)
  • @recent [options] [nickname] - Displays the most recent score (options: vanilla, relax)
  • @top [options] [nickname] - Displays the top score (options: vanilla, relax)