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How to connect Datenshi

Video Tutorial

Image Tutorial

1. You need to copy the osu!.exe application from the osu! folder, depends on where you install it, the default install location for osu! would be inside your Program Files folder in the C: drive.

step 1

2. Right click and press “Paste shortcut” anywhere you desire so you can access Datenshi easier.

step 2

* You can skip step 1 and 2 by just creating a new osu!.exe shortcut instead and drag it elsewhere.

3. Right click the newly shortcut you’ve just created, and press Properties


4. On the Target box, add -devserver datenshi.pw at the end of it or as the picture below.


5. Press Apply and your Datenshi shortcut is ready to use! Run the shortcut if you want to play in Datenshi, also you can return to Bancho by just running the original osu!.exe application.

* You might need to re-login since Bancho and Datenshi are two different servers.